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Off topic (by over half a century), but as I was researching the famous meeting in London between Thomas Jefferson/John Adams and the Muslim ambassador from Tripolitania (now Libya) in 1786 to discuss the problem of piracy. During the approximately 90 minutes I was at the library thumbing through one volume after another from two multi-volume sets of Jefferson papers, I stumbled across a related letter from John Adams in which he had met with that same Muslim ambassador in London at a date prior to the more famous meeting with Jefferson also present. At that prior meeting, Adams describes how the ambassador insisted that Adams sit on the floor and smoke tobacco from a giant houkka (water pipe) and also to drink very strong coffee. After Adams had taken a couple of puffs off the pipe, he reported that he felt a little sick and that the ambassador's underlings exulted, and said excitedly to Adams "Now you are a Turk!"

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